the brief asks to rebrand Riga as a cultural destination for young adults.

Riga has a stag party city reputation. however, the city has much more to offer.

I made the whole project from the start until the end.


the city hides a lot behind the old facades.


show the real image of the city, it’s authenticity and cultural beauty.



Thin outline up the front of the logo represents the facades of the city. Although it has charm, some might find it ‘ugly.'

Thick type underneath represents the rich culture that is hidden under the walls of the city.

outdoor promotion

Photographer: Peteris Viksna


From the first-hand research, I did what I found out was people didn’t know what to do in Riga from the beginning. That is the reason for most people not considering a visit to Riga. This information naturally led to the creation of a guided system of recommended places to see. Everything also lied under the brand identity and include locations that represent “look beyond” concept: old facades but the rich culture behind.

printed materials

A printed brochure that the tourism offices will distribute. 

QR code directs to the Google Map with all locations pinned for you, which will safe time and make it easier to access for many youth people.