the outcome is exhibited at Apple HQ 

Live project with Apple that was exhibited at Apple HQ at Hanover Street, London.

the brief asked to connect with an unsigned artist to create a collective cultural narrative.

Dan and Out - DJ, who only plays vinyl and describes his sound disco/funk. After the interview, we kept our focus on the importance of the audience is for him.


dan puts the audience before himself 


with the help of musical elements, the audience finally gets the chance to know dan.



Massive thanks to Henry from @dubstudio for making this happen. For the first time, I had a chance to work with sound, creating files for both sides of the vinyl.

content on the dubplate

on Side A Dan and Out talks about his first music memories and past. on Side B Dan and Out talks about his thoughts on the audience importance, as well as we managed to capture the audience’s response to Dan and Out.

promotional videos

just like vinyl has two sides, our project has two main subjects: Dan and Out and the audience.

Filming, Editing, Sound Recording and Mixing: Kristine Kokina

Graphic Design, Album Cover, Branding: Klaus Mann