about me

I am Kristine, an art director from Latvia, looking for exciting opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people in London. 


I am a hardworking, enthusiastic creative, with a curiosity for all things visual. As a recent graduate from Ravensbourne University, I have explored a variety of disciplines, including production design, filming, editing and experience design. 


During collaborations with Apple, Moving Brands and The O2, I have gained hands-on experience whilst learning from some of the best in the industry. This allowed me to pick up important skills, from in-depth research, to pitching ideas and crafting them to a high standard – which makes me a valuable asset to any team.


Through my photography work, I continuously hone my aesthetic sensibility. In my free time, I nurture my cultural knowledge whilst travelling, visiting exhibitions and closely following the world of K-pop music videos art production.

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